The properties of Water Soluble PVA

Adhesive and heat sealing property
Water soluble packagingPVA filmhas good heat sealing, suitable for resistance heat sealing, high frequency heat sealing, on the condition of heat seal strength and temperature, pressure, time, usually 100 to 200g/cm. PVA films can not only seal can also be bonded. The film thickness, grade and pressure is not the same. The required temperature is not the same.
Mechanical property to pry
PVA membrane strength, crack resistance among the top of the various strength. The first two-way stretch film more strength. Zigzag resistance was 10 times the other film, good weather resistance, long service life.
The property of breathability, moisture permeability and the retention of aroma
A very good property of Polyvinyl Alcohol is a highly impermeable for Polyvinyl Alcohol had higher crystallinity of many gas, so the Polyvinyl Alcohol film with high gas barrier, especially has good gas barrier to oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium and sulfide content. Complete alcoholysis of Polyvinyl Alcohol to oxygen, ammonia is measured at 25 ℃ permeability is almost zero, carbon dioxide is only 0 of 0.02g/m2. but notable exceptions are: ammonia and water vapor on the Polyvinyl Alcohol film transmittance is higher.
Transparency and gloss of Water Soluble PVA
The transparency and gloss of PVA film are both better than other films.
The water soluble property
Water soluble Polyvinyl Alcohol film is the use of extreme sensitivity to water the water soluble. In the molecular structure of Polyvinyl Alcohol contains large amounts of water soluble hydroxy.
Polyvinyl Alcohol is obtained by the hydrolysis of poly vinyl acetate. It has good crystallinity, adjacent molecules have strong attraction, temperature below the melting temperature of decomposition of pure Polyvinyl Alcohol , it can be soluble in water, and through the control of poly vinyl acetate hydrolysis to change its solubility. Detailed study of the existing water soluble Polyvinyl Alcohol, just because of its film forming process is more difficult, especially to keep the water soluble film is more difficult. The printing performance
Water Soluble Polyvinyl Alcohol film can be clear and smooth printing printing method of ordinary, good printing performance. Printed assorted beautiful ink can be printed glass paper pattern and text, decoration good performance.
The environmental characteristics
PVA film has excellent barrier properties, water solubility and environmental friendly. It is one of the most developed successful green environmental protection materials in recent years. It has been generally recognized by domestic and foreign environmental protection authorities and the majority of the users. It is more and more widely used in packaging, textile embroidery and water transfer printing and so on. For example: pesticides, fertilizers, dyes, detergents, water treatment agents, mineral additives, detergent, garden care with chemical reagent, and it is also can be used as rapeseed, seed bags, clothing bags, food and hospital washing bags and other products on the packaging. It is also widely used for textile embroidery advance material and water transfer printing and removal of membrane.