The application and production method of Calcium Carbide

The molecular formula of Calcium Carbide is CaC2, the appearance of it is gray, brown, black or brown solid block. It is the basic raw material of organic synthetic chemistry. By using the Calcium Carbide as raw materials to synthesize a series of organic compounds, and can be used as the raw material for industry, agriculture and pharmaceutical.
The main ingredients of industrial grade Calcium Carbide is Calcium Carbide, the rest of it are free Calcium Oxide, Carbon, Silicon, Magnesium, Iron, Aluminum and a small amount of phosphide sulfide. The purity of industrial grade Calcium Carbide is about 70 to 80 %, the impurities of CaO accounted about 24 %, Carbon, Silicon, Iron, Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Sulfide accounted about 6 %. The appearance of it is with different content of Calcium Carbide are of gray, brown, purple and black solids.
With a high content of Calcium Carbide was purple. Industrial product density is of 2.22g/cm3 (18 ℃), the melting point of it is 2300 ℃, it is conductive. The higher the purity can be, the more easily the conducting.
The chemical properties of Calcium Carbide are very active. The properties are heated water decomposition of acetylene gas and calcium hydroxide, and the evolution of considerable heat.
The main application of Calcium Carbide:
1. Calcium Carbide can generate acetylene after the reaction with water, and the acetylene can synthesis of many organic compounds, such as: synthetic rubber, synthetic resins, acetone, ketene, carbon black and so on. And at the same time, acetylene-oxygen flame is widely used in metal welding and cutting.
2. Heating the powdery Calcium Carbide react with nitrogen can generate calcium cyanamide, which is also named as lime nitrogen. Heating lime nitrogen and react with salt can generate cyanide melt, and it can used for gold mining and non-ferrous metal industries.
3. Calcium Carbide itself can be used in iron and steel industry of desulfurizer.
4. The gas generated in fire and is combustible, can be used in lighting.
Production method:
The main production methods are aerobic heating method and electric heating method. The general use of electric heating method for producing Calcium Carbide, namely, lime and carbon containing materials ( coke, anthracite or petroleum coke) in Calcium Carbide furnace, to generate Calcium Carbide by electric arc of high temperature melting reaction. Through the entrance at the top of furnace or pipe to add the mixture to electric furnace, in the open or closed electric furnace heated to around 2000 ℃. After taken out the molten Calcium Carbide from the furnace bottom, cooling and broken as a finished product packaging.