The Applications of High Strength and High Modulus PVA Fiber

High strength and high modulus PVA fiber as a result of its good hydrophilicity, adhesion and impact resistance and processing properties readily dispersible. And it has a wide range of applications in the field of industrial, constructions and so on.
HSHM PVA fiber can be used to strengthen concrete and other building aspects, it has many advantages for reinforced cement.
HSHM PVA fiber has good mechanical properties, improved toughness and impact strength of materials.
HSHM PVA fiber has good acid and alkali resistance, suitable for various grades of cement.
HSHM PVA fiber has good dispersion property, can be supplies to maintain a smooth surface for a long time, and no peeling phenomenon.
Cement board and cement bricks have bending temperature and cold resistance.
With less dosage, such as the dosage of PVA is only 1/5 of asbestos, therefore, unit weight of products can be reduced, the operating conditions are improved obviously.
Concrete permeability is low, can prevent the corrosion of reinforcing steel bar. Therefore the concrete not easily weathered, not easy to be influenced by the climate.
High strength and high modulus PVA fibers can also be applied to replace the glass fiber. Glass fiber has higher strength and modulus, therefore the construction of lightweight materials generally adopts glass fiber as reinforcing material. But because of the alkali resistance is not ideal, therefore the bending strength decreases with the extension of time. In addition, the construction workers will stimulate the skin and affect the environment. HSHM PVA fiber due to the unique properties of glass fibers can become a building material applications in relatively good alternative materials.
High strength and high modulus PVA fibers can also be used as reinforced materials in rubber or tire cord. You can also take advantage of its high strength tensile and corrosion resistant properties, for the production of fishing nets, ropes, canvas, belts and so on.