Main Products of Our Factory

We are the professional Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA, Vinyl Acetate Monomer VAM and Calcium Carbide manufacturer in China!
Here are the introductions of our main products as following:
Polyvinyl Alcohol, white powder, is a wide range of uses of the water-soluble polymers, performance between the plastic and rubber, its use can be divided into two major fiber and non-fiber applications. Different forms of Polyvinyl Alcohol have different applications: Polyvinyl Alcohol fibers in the industrial field can be used to make canvas, tarpaulins, cloth, conveyor belts, packaging materials, uniforms, nets and ropes used offshore operations. High strength, high modulus filament reinforcing material can be used as conveyor belt, all kinds of hoses, adhesives and rubber shoes lining material, can also produce bicycle tire cord.
PVA can be used as paper adhesive with boric acid in spiral tube winding and solid board production.
PVA is usually used as thickener, modifier, in polyvinyl acetate glues.
Polyvinyl Alcohol is the textile sizing agent.
Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA also can be used as a water-soluble film useful for packaging. An example is the envelope containing laundry detergent in "liquid-tabs".
Vinyl Acetate Monomer VAM, is a kind of colourless, transparency liquid, can be used in the manufacture of Polyvinyl Acetate Solution (white glue), manufacturing EVA resins and VAE emulsion with Ethylene Copolymer, manufacturing Vinyl Chloride Copolymer and Chloride Resin Vinegar, and can be used in manufacture of solvent polymerization 4115 advanced construction adhesive.
Vinyl Acetate is mainly used as a monomer in the production of Polyvinyl Acetate and Polyvinyl Alcohol.
Vinyl Acetate is also used as a raw material in the production of other chemicals, in adhesives, water-based paints, nonwoven textile fibers, textile sizings and finishes, paper coatings, inks, films, and lacquers.
Calcium Carbide, a kind of gray, claybank, black or brown solid block, is the raw materials of organic synthesis chemistry industry.
Calcium Carbide can generate acetylene after the reaction with water, and the acetylene can synthesis of many organic compounds.