How do plastic polyvinyl 1788

17-88 polyvinyl alcohol resin, the product is a water-soluble polymer, the appearance of white, stable quality, reliable performance over the years by the majority of users at home.
Nature of the product:
1. Soluble in water, with the water temperature, increased solubility.
2. Compared with other water-soluble polymers, lower viscosity. To increase the viscosity can increase amount of boric acid, borax and other inorganic salts, but addition of excess gel is produced.
3. Hygroscopicity: compared with other water-soluble polymers thereof, low hygroscopicity.
4. The film-forming: the film is good, the tension, the physical properties of tension, friction strength is better than other synthetic resins.
5. Resistance: almost not weak base, the impact of organic solvents, oil resistance.
6. Heat resistance: heating to 220 ℃ begins to decompose.
7. permeability: permeable to vapor deposition, but impermeable to oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas.
8. Storage stability: long-term storage no mildew.

17-88 polyvinyl alcohol resin glue of stationery is an ideal raw material. Make glue with good adhesive properties, colorless and transparent. Polyvinyl alcohol resin coated stamps, labels on the back of 17-88 and then used as a wet glue.

Dissolution methods: at room temperature, 70-100 rev / min stirring slowly addition, stir about 15 minutes after the addition, so-caking completely dispersed and then allowed to warm to 90oC, about 30-60 minutes to complete dissolution. The highest concentration of dissolution was about 20%, such as foaming during dissolution, antifoaming agent such as silicone oil may be added, added in an amount of 0.01 to 0.05% of PVA. The best storage solution using the storage device off enamel or stainless steel. To prevent mildew, antibacterial and antifungal agents can be added to a small amount. To increase the viscosity of the aqueous solution can be added to starch, potassium alginate, cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose and other polymers.