What is Calcium Carbide?

Calcium Carbide is a kind of gray, claybank, black or brown solid block, is the raw materials of organic synthesis chemistry industry. The chemical formula of it is CaC2 . Use Calcium Carbide as raw material can be synthesized a series of organic compounds, and provide industry, agriculture and medicine with raw materials. The main ingredient of industrial Calcium Carbide is calcium oxide, the others are free calcium oxide and the compounds of carbon, silicon, magnesium, iron and aluminum, and a small amount of phosphide sulfide. The appearance of Calcium Carbide is different with the different content of Calcium Carbide, and usually gray, brown, purple or black solids, purple with a higher Calcium Carbide. The industrial density of it is 2.22 g/cm3, the melting point of it is 2300℃, it can be conductive, the higher the purity, the more easily conductivity. The chemical properties of Calcium Carbide are very lively, decomposition of acetylene gas heated water and calcium hydroxide, and release a lot os heat.
The main applications of Calcium Carbide are as following:
1. Calcium Carbide can generate acetylene after the reaction with water, and the acetylene can synthesis of many organic compounds, such as: synthetic rubber, synthetic resins, acetone, ketene, carbon black and so on. And at the same time, acetylene-oxygen flame is widely used in metal welding and cutting.
2. Heating the powdery Calcium Carbide react with nitrogen can generate calcium cyanamide, which is also named as lime nitrogen. Heating lime nitrogen and react with salt can generate cyanide melt, and it can used for gold mining and non-ferrous metal industries.
3. Calcium Carbide itself can be used in iron and steel industry of desulfurizer.
The safe use of Calcium Carbide :
1. The transportation, storage, crushing, electric sarcophagus and slag pit and so on should according to the provisions of the TJ31.
2. Calcium Carbide in drums should be stored in dry ground, air circulation, not leaking water indoors, the ground should be higher than that of the road, in order to avoid the water.
3. Prohibit using rolling slip handling, Calcium Carbide bucket to avoid Calcium Carbide and bucket wall collision sparks.
4. Every time after taking Calcium Carbide, should cover the lid.
5. Prohibit beating with a hammer carbide in the acetylene generator room, electrical sarcophagus.
6. Powder or the Calcium Carbide particle size is too small should be specifically responsible for the batch into slag pit, water thoroughly decomposed to properly handle.
7. The Calcium Carbide slag pit mouth should be open, slag mortar and cement water shall not be discharged into the ditch. Slag should be to prevent the iron tools, devices and generate local collision sparks.
8. Calcium Carbide and acetylene gas mixture ignition should be adopted with fire dry sand, CO2 or dry powder fire extinguishers, the prohibition of the use of water or foam fire extinguisher and carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher and other fire extinguishing.