Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber Applications Overview

Now, Whalen fiber is rarely directly used as a fiber for clothing. The application of Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber in industry, agriculture, fisheries, transport and medical application of expanding. The main applicationf of Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber is as following:
Fiber reinforced materials: Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber can be used as the reinforced materials of plastics, ceramics and cement and so on. Especially used as the substitutes for a carcinogenic substance--Asbestos. The Asbestos Board made from Polyvinyl Alcohol Fibers is of great importance in the construction industry.
Fishing nets: Using some advantages, such as breaking strength, impact strength and resistance to seawater corrosion of Polyvinyl Alcohol Fibers, with its manufacture of various types of fishing nets, fishing geat, fishing line.
Cable rope: The Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber ropes are of lightweight, abrasion resistant, and not easy kink. It has excellent impact strength, weather resistance and resistance to seawater corrosion. Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber has been widely used in aquatic vehicles, aircraft, vessels, transportation and more.
Canvas: Vinylon Canvas has good strength and good resistance to friction and good resistace to weather. Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber has been widely used in transport, warehousing, construction, agriculture and forestry and more.
In addition, Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber can also used in the production of packaging materials, non-woven fabric filters, geotextiles and so on.