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We have PVA sponge project with an air foaming process of PVA sponge production, which meets the needs of 5 cubic high quality clean medical PVA sponge per day, which include Nasal dressing, Ear Wick, VAC(Vacuum Assisted Closure) /NWPT PVA Sponge, Expansion Hemostatic PVA Sponge and so on.
Technical Indicators of Hemostatic Sponge Dressing

Physical Properties:
Absorption rate: Less than 10 seconds
Aperture size : 50-1200 um
Porosity is more than 90%.
Dry absorption ratio is more than 15 times
Elongation at break is greater than 120%
Dry density : 0.056-0.10g/cm3

Chemical Properties:
The pH value of leaching solution is between 6.5 and 7.8 Formaldehyde residue is less than 10 PPM

Biological Indicators:




Packing & Storage


In 20kg paper bag.

Storage Powder 20°C 2 years; Floccule 20°C 2 years.
Shipping Room temperature 5-30℃ in China; may vary elsewhere
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The PVA sponge is pure white, clean, uniform, comfortable and highly flexible, which can be widely used for PVA expansive hemostatic sponge, Liquid absorbing sponge PVA sponge, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy PVA sponge. The production process is applied by clean gas foaming process and phase separation technology, therefore the PVA sponge shows round and porous bubble shape in microscope by SEM(scanning electron microscope), and the pore wall shows obvious "bubble" characteristics, which is essentially different from the sponge produced by starch filling process. Performances of product such as pore size, density, flexibility and tensile strength could be well controlled.

400 Micron Scanning Electron Microscope Picture Benefits

1.No fiber and crumbs will drop during surgery, no reinfection.
2.Soft, comfortable & painless.
3.Instantly liquid absorption ability and the absorption is 10-18 times its weight.
4.Stops nose bleeding fast, absorbs wound exudates massively.
5.Moist dressing, no second damage upon removal.
6.Better biocompatibility and no rejection reaction.
7.Highly swelled after absorbing liquid, form micro-negative pressure which is beneficial to wound healing

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