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Polyvinyl Alcohol PVOH Water Soluble


What are PVOH Water Soluble Films ?

PVOH water-soluble films are a type of film material primarily made from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), which is characterized by its good water solubility. These films are nontoxic, colorless, and odorless. They can dissolve quickly in water to form a homogeneous aqueous solution without leaving residues or generating harmful substances, thus meeting the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging. These films are mainly used for specific unit dose packaging of detergents, agrochemicals, water treatment chemicals, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and dyes.


What are PVOH Water Soluble Films used for?

Pesticide and fertilizer packaging: PVOH water-soluble films can be used as packaging materials for pesticides and fertilizers. These films can protect the product's stability during transport and storage, and they can also be quickly dissolved in water after use to reduce environmental pollution, in line with the requirements of green environmental protection. Packaging for toiletries: These are widely used in the packaging of products in the toiletries industry, such as washing powder, detergent, shampoo, etc. They can be directly dissolved in water without the need for additional packaging removal, providing consumers with a convenient use experience and making housework easier, cleaner, and safer.
Food Packaging and Processing: PVOH water-soluble films are also used in the food industry for packaging such as candy, chocolate, and powdered foods. Their excellent barrier properties protect the quality and taste of food products, while the solubility of the films provides an environmentally friendly solution.
Pharmaceutical & Medical: In the pharmaceutical sector, PVOH water-soluble films are used as drug coatings, slow-release films, and packaging for medical supplies. By controlling the dissolution rate of the film, a timed release of the drug can be achieved, improving the efficacy of the drug.
Industrial applications: PVOH water-soluble films also play an important role in the industrial field, such as being used as additives for coatings, inks, glues, etc., to improve their performance and stability.


How are PVOH Water Soluble Films produced?

The production of PVOH water-soluble film is mainly based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) as the main raw material, with the addition of other auxiliary materials such as reinforcing agents, plasticizers, emulsifiers, and film release agents. The production steps are as follows: Preparation of raw materials: First, prepare the required polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) and other auxiliary materials such as reinforcing agent, plasticizer, emulsifier, and film release agent. The specific proportion of the formula can be adjusted according to the properties of the desired film, such as the concentration of polyvinyl alcohol, the content of soluble starch, glycerol, Tween 80, and silicone oil. Dissolving and mixing: Mix the polyvinyl alcohol and other auxiliary materials in a certain proportion, and add an appropriate amount of solvent to make them fully dissolved and mixed. In this process, attention needs to be paid to controlling the temperature, stirring speed, and other parameters to ensure the homogeneous mixing of raw materials.
Coating and casting: The mixed solution is evenly coated on the steel plate or other suitable substrate for casting operation. The thickness and speed of casting can be adjusted according to the desired film thickness and properties.
Drying and Curing: After cast coating, the film is dried and cured. This step usually needs to be carried out at a certain temperature, e.g., 80 to 90°C, for a certain period, e.g., 20 minutes, to ensure that the film is completely dry and cured.
Unwinding and Rolling: After the film has dried and cured, it can be removed from the substrate and subjected to a rolling operation. The rolled film can then be cut, packaged, and processed as required.


How are PVOH Water Soluble Films packaged and stored?

Packaging: Sealed packaging using moisture, dust and UV resistant packaging materials
Storage: It should be stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature.


Are PVOH Water Soluble Films plastic? What are the benefits?

Yes, PVOH water-soluble film is a type of plastic. It is a new, environmentally friendly packaging material made from high polymers with water-soluble properties. This film is non-toxic,non-polluting, and can be completely biodegraded into water and carbon dioxide (CO2) in nature.
PVOH water-soluble film is unique in that it dissolves quickly when exposed to water, making it ideal for packaging applications that require easy disposal or where environmental impact is a concern. However, while it is biodegradable, proper disposal and handling are still crucial to maximizing its environmental benefits.

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