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Polyvinyl Alcohol 0588 and 2488


Polyvinyl Alcohol 0588
Polyvinyl Alcohol ( PVA ) is a kind of typical water soluble crystalline polymer, with excellent mechanical properties and surface activity, and it is widely used in industry. Especially its water solubility and excellent film-forming, are much better than other polymer.
The properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol are closely related to its polymerization degree and alcoholysis degree, and the properties determine the nature of its application. Conventional varieties due to the existence of defects in the heat resistant Polyvinyl Alcohol, water resistance, creep resistance and so on, affect the scope of its application. In order to further improve the performance of Polyvinyl Alcohol, expand the scope of application of Polyvinyl Alcohol, differentiation of Polyvinyl Alcohol (with different degree of polymerization and alcoholysis ) technology research is very necessary.
PVA 0588 means the polymerization degree of this kind of Polyvinyl Alcohol is 500 and the alcoholysis degree of it is 88%. PVA 0588 belongs to a kind of low polymerization degree, partial alcoholysis type Polyvinyl Alcohol products, has excellent surface activity. It can be used for PVAc, VAE emulsion, VAc emulsion polymerization of vinyl chloride suspension polymerization of emulsifier, dispersant. And because of its low molecular weight, PVA were superior in moisture absorption, water soluble and flexibility in other models of file. And it is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, can be used as coating film material, filming agent film forming material, gel preparation of matrix materials and so on.
Polyvinyl Alcohol 2488
Polyvinyl Alcohol 2488 is also a kind of very important products of Polyvinyl Alcohol series products. It can be applied in many kinds of fields as following:
1. Warp sizing: The slurry prepared with PVA -based sizing agent is the most efficient synthetic sizing agents and textile processing agent, cotton, linen, polyester, polyvinyl alcohol, viscose fibers have good adhesion, film colorless, transparent, high toughness, wear sun-resistant, high mechanical strength.
2. The papermaking process: PVA adhesive force, forming tough, with its starch and casein instead of or in connection with, as a coated paper containing reagent, or as a glue on art paper, wearable paper, blueprint paper, kraft paper, etc. surface sizing, to improve the paper abrasion, folding resistance, tear strength, improved gloss, smoothness, printability.
3. Adhesive agent: Used as the main raw material of PVA binder series of paper, cloth, wood has good adhesion, use very extensive, with good adhesion, water-soluble, non-toxic or in the bonding material board, leather, decoration, etc. has a large market, a number of inorganic substances can be added, such as: clay, bentonite, alumina, titania and so on, to increase the bonding strength of it, formaldehyde could be developed, water-resistant adhesive isocyanate.
4. Film: With the PVA film, transparency, tensile strength, crack strength, moisture resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, organic chemicals, with no static, and therefore useful in the textile package. Also be used as food packaging, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, biodegradable, another with polyethylene, polypropylene and other complex, as the instrument package can be done as the printing plate.
5. Acetal derivatives: PVA with formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, butyraldehyde, or other aldehydes, or the presence of an acid catalyst to form an acetal of the PVA derivative, Polyvinyl Alcohol to further improve the water resistance, adhesion.
6. Fiber materials: PVA washed, dissolved, spinning, Formaldehyde treatment was polyvinyl alcohol fibers with wool, cotton, rayon and other fibers made of polyvinyl alcohol products, non-woven, geotextile fabric, widely used in clothing, industrial cord, fishing nets and ropes, tarpaulins, agriculture, health materials.
7. Dry mortar: PVA has a good film formability, and the resulting film has excellent adhesion, solvent resistance, it aquasorb cellulose ether with the use of cement mortar, and they can improve the flexibility of gypsum building materials, water retention, improve the mortar viscosity nodal, to a certain extent, can reduce the amount of latex powder dry mortar to reduce costs, it will give dry mortar industry has brought a revolution.

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