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The Consumption Structure and Forecast of Polyvinyl Alcohol


1. Building adhesive: the application of PVA in this field including the putty glue, adhesive coating base material, the amount of it is more than 40% of the total. The application of PVA as building adhesive is the first major application field of be worthy of the name. This industry is mainly used in high viscosity PVA 1799, PVA 2099 and high viscosity of PVA 2499 and PVA 2699 and so on. The trend of its development is of high viscosity. The high viscosity products have been used in the developed coastal areas, East China and Southern China, it will become the main varieties of rubber industry needs in the future.
2. Textile pulp: PVA is mainly used for the pure polyester or polyester yarn pulp, with good adhesion, and film forming property, but for high count pure cotton yarn, it also need to be part of the mixed of PVA and acrylic coating. The main varieties used in this industry are PVA 1799 and PVA 0588.
3. Binding agent: in addition to building adhesive, PVA also be matched with other chemical raw materials or as a protective colloid in the production of white latex, used mainly for paper, wood, textile, office glue and high-grade binders and so on.
4. Fiber: Vinylon fiber is with PVA as synthetic fiber raw materials production, there are vinylon staple, Vinylon long fiber, high strength and high modulus, moderate in mold, water soluble fiber and many other varieties.
5. Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB): PVB film is mainly used as glass intermediate film. It has some good performance of safety, thermal insulation, noise control and isolation UV. It can be widely used in the construction of safety glass. The high-end PVB film can be used for windshields of car and military aircraft, tanks, ships. And it also can be used for solar cell and solar receiver.
6. Papermaking: PVA has the strong adhesion, good film-forming, high film strength on the cellulose. PVA in the paper industry is mainly used for paper surface sizing agent, pigment, adhesive and beater additives. It can improve paper wear-resistant, folding, tearing strength, improve the gloss smoothness, printing adaptability.
7. Biodegradable PVA film: Water Soluble PVA film is a new type of plastic products cut a striking figure in the world. In makes use of the membrane, water and biological two degradation characteristics of PVA. It can be completely degraded into CO2 and H2O, it is really a green high-tech environmental protection packaging materials. In Europe and Japan, the Water Soluble PVA film has been widely used in packaging of various products.
China is a big consumer country of plastic, in the nearly million tons consumption of all kinds of plastic film, if the PVA film to replace 5 % of the share, the annual demand will reach several hundred thousand of tons. And as China gradually in line with international standards, the demand for environmentally friendly packaging is increasing day by day, which gave the Water Soluble PVA film packaging promotion and development of strong support, the potential market of it is also quite large.

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