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Water Soluble PVA Film Packaging


Plastic product because of its outstanding products characteristics and excellent performance has been occupying the important status in the packaging industry in our country. But the environmental problem it brings has always been the attention of the public. Green environmental protection water soluble PVA film as new green packaging materials, the main raw material is the degree of the alcoholysis of Polyvinyl Alcohol.
And the applications of water soluble PVA films in the flexible packaging are as following:
1. The application of water soluble PVA film as packaging products in water
The use of water soluble PVA film products including pesticide, pigment, dyes, detergents, fertilizers, herbicides, cleaning agent, water treatment agent and concrete additives and so on. Use water soluble PVA film to pack these products can reduce the environmental pollution, improve the purpose of the working environment, and also can achieve accurate measurement and reduce waste.
2. The application of water soluble PVA as wash package
In a hospital or some other occasions, we can use the high temperature PVA film ( the melting temperature of it is about 60 ℃) packaging contaminated supplies and clothing, and can be directly put into bags for cleaning equipment cleaning and disinfection. It is safe and convenient, and can reduce the chance of medical personnel in contact with contaminated supplies, clothing, and to avoid cross infection diseases.
3. The application of water soluble PVA films as apparel and textile packaging
Using the characteristics of high temperature water soluble PVA film without static, transparency and gloss are superior to other thin films, use it to pack clothing, textiles and other good easy to produce static electricity products can make goods more attractive packaging materials and can increase the value of it.
4. The application of water soluble PVA film as food packaging
Water soluble PVA film has very excellent oxygen barrier properties of packaging materials, it can be used as food packaging barrier layer, and it can greatly extend the shelf life of food.
5. The application of water soluble PVA film as electronics, electrical products packaging
Water soluble PVA film is almost non-static packaging containers, therefore particularly suitable for electronics, electrical products packaging. In addition, you can use the good printing performance and controllability characteristics of water soluble PVA film with special inks, to produce high value added security environmentally friendly packaging, which is bound to be high-end electronics, electrical products manufacturers welcomed.
6. The application of water soluble PVA film as seed bags
Use water soluble PVA film to produce crop seed bags proofing, and buried in the soil, the soil moisture will dissolve the packaging bag after some time, and the seed distributed around improve the moisture of soil, and it is conducive to seed germination and growth. And this method can effectively avoid the seeds in a large sandy area due to loss of nudity and may be blown or eaten by animals, also can make the crop species by seeds or subnet layout with growth. Therefore, this technology will also accomplish much in farm production, afforestation, desert transformation. In addition, it also can use pesticide, nutrients as part of the seed bags, in order to promote the growth of seeds.

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