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The Application of PVA Films Used as Industrial and Agricultural Films


Agricultural films:
1. Pesticide packaging: High concentrations of pesticide, toxic and many other issues are widespread problems of pesticide, and it is great harm to human body. Therefore, the pesticide packaging problem has been more and more get great importance attaches of pesticide department. For a long time, pesticide packaging has three major shortcomings:
1). Liquid pesticide use glass packaging, the breakage rate of glass bottle is higher then others.
2). The use of common pesticide packaging bags can easily generate a large number of packaging residue, and resulting in waste.
3). The abandoned pesticide with a large number of residues bags can be easily discarded in rivers, streams, fields, and can easily contaminate soil and water.
4). Accumulate over along time period, it will become an invisible killer of poisoning the human and the environmental pollution. According to statistics, every year, there are about 300 million of these pesticides packaging waste in our country. About the loss of these pesticide packaging waste over one hundred tons, and how to timely handle the packaging waste has become a priority in front of us.
With water soluble polyvinyl alcohol film packaging pesticides , farmers can conveniently thrown the wrapped pesticides into the field from the ridge. And when they prepare the agent, as long as the packaged drug is dissolved pesticide inputs mixing bucket.
2. Seed strips: After crop seed spacing arrangement, use water soluble polyvinyl alcohol film pack into a strip, maintain its shape and bury it in the soil, make it suitable for germination, thinning operations can be omitted. Vegetation cloth makes the seeds attached to the Water Soluble Polyvinyl Alcohol film, and form cloth, to simplify the job lawn.
Industrial films: 1. Printed film: PVA film has excellent water color and ink printability, which is available only with plastic film with printing ink incomparable advantages, it can be used for water transfer printing, such as: coloring glass, ceramic, electrical enclosure and so on. At the same time, Polyvinyl Alcohol film with strong polarity, printing without electric spark processing. It is widely used in special printing industry, such as water transfer printing membrane substrate.
2. Embroidery film: PVA film with water soluble property, only need to soak for several minutes, advance material will be completely dissolved, embroidery patterns can be appeared. The advantages of the application of water woluble PVA film: non-toxic and fully dissolved, convenient processing, do not produce glue residue and drawing, and suitable for multi- head embroidery machine, won’t be broken or partial holes, instead of non-woven fabric material, avoid high temperature deformation and fiber textile dye fade. And we can use PVA films to replace the paper cloth and reinforced computer embroidery products quality and incremental value.
3. Clothing packaging film: PVA film has the characteristics of no static, transparency, and luster is superior to other films. Packaging objects appear more distinct beautify the appearance, and enhance the value of the goods. Water soluble PVA film with high barrier to the air, used in the textile packaging, nitrogen energy barrier in the air, avoid the nitrogen to textile yellow. And it also can absorb carcinogens such as formaldehyde in textiles, in convenient destroyed after using, so the water soluble PVA film is an ideal material for textile packaging.
4. Water Soluble Health film: It can be used for women’s products, such as: sanitary napkins pad and so on.
5. Food packaging film: Because PVA has the advantages of high barrier property to oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen and so on, it can prolong the shelf life of foods, cosmetics, tea and keep color and aroma.
6. Medical film: It can contribute to the maintenance of doctors, nurses and other medical staff or patient, laundry workers health and safety, to avoid cross infection contamination and medical staff and patients.
7. Grease packing film: Water soluble PVA film has a strong resistance to permeability in animal oil, vegetable oil, mineral oil, fat and grease or organic solvents, hydrocarbons, can be used for the packaging of goods.

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