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The Effect, Features and Applications of Modified PVA


The effect of modified PVA:
Modified PVA coating film membrane compared with the unmodified PVA coating film, cohesive force, wet barrier property and water resistance was obviously improved.
The features of modified PVA:
1. Using non-toxic, no side effect to human body modification of melamine resin liquid “868” to moderate the PVA crosslinked. PVA in retain the advantages of the dry barrier property, transparency, flexibility and also improves the adhesion with substrate, with out the pre-coating and adhesive. Especially is compared with the unmodified PVA wet barrier performance is improved obviously, complete a full set of advanced technology.
2. Compared with the unmodified PVA technology, “868” modified PVA saves the pre-coating and bonding process, and can reduce the equipment investment and reduce the cost of product. The modified PVA hydrosol solved the problem of static surface crust and under the conditions of production increase of the viscosity, cancelled the shielding technology, reasonable production process.
3. Comparison of the performance with the unmodified PVA, modified PVA coating layer in water for 24 hours after the coating without swelling and shedding, quantity of oxygen through reached the international advanced level.
4. Thick and auxiliary materials and production equipment based on domestic, products have been mass production.
The application of modified PVA:
The application of modified PVA high barrier film is inseparable and its characteristics.
1. The transparency and good gloss of modified PVA films is especially suitable for clothing, footwear, leather and leather products, arts and crafts, presentation, file storage, and in addition to supporting the use of oxygen agent, have mould proof, insect resistant, anti-oxidation effect.
2. The modified PVA film has strong polarity, and good adhesion of printing ink. Using cellophane type printing inks can has beautiful printing effect.
3. It has good resistance to oils, organic solvents, on animal oils, vegetable oils, mineral oils, alcohols, ethers, ketones, esters class is insoluble, suitable for packaging of chemical materials and intermediates and grease food packaging.
4. The incense of it is very good, can be widely used for packing seal of tea, coffee, curry powder, chili powder, pepper and other spices, used for filling mustard, and can make the smell does not come out.
5. It has excellent gas barrier properties, in particular the extremely the oxygen permeability is low, the following items are suitable for packing seal:
A. It can be used for small grains, oilseeds, seafood dry hair, valuable Chinese herbal medicine, tobacco packaging, and deoxidizing agent or vacuum with the use, the mildew, anti moth, anti fade the fresh-keeping effect is especially obvious for storage, high fat food, prevent oxidation of fat and maintain the original flavor of food effect.
B. For radio components and equipment precision machinery and armament of missiles, radar, ammunition, large integrated storage, have a unique anti-oxidation corrosion function.
C. Optical instruments and other accessories of an integrated storage to prevent mildew and fog.

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