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What is Polyvinyl Formal Fiber?


In China, Polyvinyl Formal fiber is also named as Vinylon. The water imbibition of it is similar to cotton fiber, the water imbibition is one of the strongest in synthetic fiber. It has good permeability and good wear resistance, high strength, resistance to mildew and moth, resistance to sunlight and heat preservation performance are good. But the elasticity and dyeability of it is poor, and it is easy for it to wrinkle, the shrinkage of it is large, and the heat resistance performance of it is poor. It is applicable to the manufacture of all kinds of clothing textiles, home textiles, fishing net, rope and canvas and so on.
Vinylon is the commodity name of Polyvinyl Acetal Fiber, and is also called Whalen. Its performance is also close to cotton, people usually call it synthesis of cotton. It is the largest existing variety hygroscopic synthetic fiber. Vinylon was made by German in the 30's, but without hot water resistance, and it is mainly used for surgical operation suture. In 1939, the successful research of heat treatment and acetal method which makes it become a good water resistance of fiber. The raw materials of the production of Vinylon are easily available, the manufacturing cost is low, the fiber strength of it is good, except for cloth. There are a variety of industrial applications. But because of the production of industrial process is long, the fiber comprehensive performance is not as good as polyester, nylon and acrylic, the annual production is small, in fifth of synthetic fiber varieties. And the main component of Vinylon is Polyvinyl Alcohol.
The properties of Vinylon Fiber :
The biggest characteristic of it is the hygroscopic, is the best choice of the synthetic fiber, known as the synthesis of cotton. The intensity is worse than brocade and polyester, but the chemical stability is good, not resistant to strong acid and alkali. The sunlight resistance and weather resistance is also very good, it has the resistance of dry and heat but the humid ( shrinkage ) elastic is the worst, it is easy for it to wrinkle, dyeability is poor, color and lustre is not bright.
Uses: It is usually used with cotton blends: muslin, poplin, corduroy, underwear, canvas, tarpaulin, packaging materials and denim and so on.
Vinylon is soft and the warmth retention property is good, the relative density is smaller than cotton, therefore, the same weight of cotton, Vinylon is able to weave more cloth. Its thermal conductivity is low, and thus it has good warmth retention property. The wear resistance and strength is better than cotton, so Vinylon can be with cotton blended to save cotton in many ways. Vinylon is manily used for making jackets, cotton sweater pants, knitted dragon spruve, and also for canvas, fishing nets, surgical sutures, bicycle tire cord and filtration materials and so on.

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