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Properties of Vinyl Acetate


The applications of Polyvinyl Alcohol are broadened. Especially of Polyvinyl Alcohol with harmless and biodegradable properties. By modification or the pharmaceutical after joining other polymer materials, office supplies and equipment, foos packaging materials, could be biodegradable under appropriate conditions so that in today’s increasingly high requirements of environmental protection of Polyvinyl Alcohol has tremendous demand potential.
The new device need to reflect economies of scale.
Analysis of market prosoect, the volume of PVA market is large. China has become the world’s largest producer of PVA, and it still has some rising room. In recent years, there are fewer domestic new PVA plants, dominated by plant expansion, as new entrants, it is very difficult to develop market.
The raw materials should be guaranteed.
From the perspective of raw material supply, 13 domestic PVA production companies are supporting a Vinyl Acetate plant. But in recent years, because of the rising cost for raw materials such as carbide, powder supply shortage, some companies can’t supply all of Vinyl Acetate, and need outsourcing sections of Vinyl Acetate. Purchasing from domestic markets, under the influence of ricals, purchasing a small amount. Long purchase cycle from abroad. Therefore, raw materials as possible based on the confession.
Increase differential marketing efforts.
China began to introduce and build devices by our own, most manufacturers technology comes from Beijing organic chemical plant, products with the production of PVA 1799, later added PVA 1788 and some other varieties. But overall, the product similar to that phenomenon seriously, differences are small. In recent years, as the expanding of the field of application of PVA, fierce market competition, differentiation are more and more obvious. Particularly with high degree of polymerization and low degree of polymerization, market gap is so big, and with good market prospects, we recommend that the production of such products should be more and more, and avoid the other products can be produced.

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