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The Development and Applicationss of PVA in Other Fields


Other markers include industrial polymerization aids, medical supplies, cement modifier, photographic materials, integrated circuits, and emulsifiers, dispersing agents in the field, has good development prospects. The newly developed seed coated products with good results. In addition, soil improvement, it is also a very good development prospects. Polyvinyl Alcohol can be used to make of super absorbent planting bags to less watering, plant survival rate is high and become a popular commodity in the western dryland farmers. Currently, PVA annual consumption in these areas is estimated at 88 000 t. Industry polymeric additives market has broad prospects, uses dispersion characteristics, expected to account for the proportion of PVA consumption will continue to rise.
Polyvinyl Alcohol continue to broaden the range of applications, in terms of fiber products developed in recent years, high strength and high modulus, water-soluble fiber, such as differentiated products to achieve better economic efficiency in the international and domestic markets, demand growth is stimulating polyvinyl alcohol. Polyvinyl alcohol use in the textile and fabric finishing aspects of the slurry is also very mature. Meanwhile, the polyvinyl alcohol used in non -fiber areas will be more rapid growth.
Our adhesive consumption showed rapid growth momentum. Polyvinyl Alcohol as raw materials to produce a variety of adhesives, are widely used in paper, wood, leather, fabric, foam, the bullish momentum.
The applications of Polyvinyl Alcohol in paper making and printing, emulsion stabilizers, film or the others are also further widened. Especially polyvinyl alcohol with non-toxic and biodegradable properties of the modified or added by other polymeric materials made out of medical equipment, food packaging, office supplies and hygiene materials, can be biodegradable under appropriate conditions, polyvinyl alcohol has a huge potential demand in today's increasingly demanding environment.

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