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The Analysis of Polyvinyl Alcohol Market


In the world, have yet to find cheaper, better performance adhesive than the PVA adhesive to pulp C yarn. China is a big textile country, polyester production in the world, polyester and cotton field is a PVA sizing important consumer market, but foreign environmental barriers to restrict or disable the PVA as a slurry, modified starch to replace the part of PVA. Therefore, PVA in the application of the ratio of the industry decreased from highest to around 35 % at present to 21 %. PVA proportion to predict future applications in the textile industry will continue to shrink in 2015, dropped to about 17 %.
Polyvinyl Alcohol referred to PVA, is also known as PVOH in foreign. And it has the typical chemical properties of Polyvinyl Alcohol, can be esterified, ethreified and acetalization reaction. It has good chemical stability and good insulation, film, gas barrier properties. In addition, PVA also has a water-soluble, unique performance storage stability, adhesion, interfacial chemistry, solvent resistance, thermal stability in aqueous solution. Due to different degrees of polymerization and alcoholysis, PVA has many varieties of grades, industrial products specifications of more than 80 species.
Currently, the mainstream products of Polyvinyl Alcohol are the medium degree of polymerization, high-alcohol solution of product, among them, the Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 1799 - 2299 accounting for 80 % of the total market demand, low degree of hydrolysis and viscosity products account for about 20 %.
Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA is widely used in coatings, adhesives, textile pulp, paper handling agent, chemical fiber, emulsifier, dispersant, film, medical materials and construction automobile modified materials. And is widely used in textile, food, medicine, construction, timber processing, papermaking, printing, agriculture, metallurgy and many other industries.
Along with the increase of PVA competitiveness and the foreign market development ability of our country, China’s PVA exports is expected to achieve greater growth in the next few years.


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