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The Classification of Textile Sizing


Textile sizing agent according to its size and the amount of use of the main sub-paste (adhesive) paste and the auxiliary (auxiliaries), and is currently on the market are the main paste: starch and its derivatives, Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), an acrylic adhesive, a polyester type adhesive. Auxiliary pulp are: oil type, wax type after decomposition agents, preservatives type, moisture-absorbing agent and the like.
1. Starch and its derivatives: textile sizing with starch-based corn starch, starch derivatives used primarily oxidized starch, phosphate starch, synthetic powder (Hua glue).
2. Polyviny Alcohol (PVA): textile sizing mainly used PVA17-99 this type of product.
3. Acrylic adhesive: the supply of products currently on the market are mainly polymethylacrylate slurry (referred to as methyl pulp, but also directly called methyl) acrylate glue (liquid products, each manufacturer has own name, Hubei Hua New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. products named 38 glue), solid acrylic paste (powdered).
4. Polyester adhesives: some said polyester paste, and some said the anti-wear agent, as well as called enhancer. Two sub-solid and liquid, solid and powder and small particles divided the two. Two colors are white and yellow.
5. Oil categories: major textile oil, sizing cream, anti-static sizing lubricant (also called antistatic lubricants, lubricants), efficient smoothing agent (also called smoothing agent), such as wax -TJ Several products.
6. Waxing categories: major textile wax, wax, textiles milk after static water-soluble wax (also known as the anti-static wax, water-soluble after waxing), wax -SL other products.
7. Grading agent class: There are caustic soda, starch modifying agent (also called starch viscosity reducer).
8. Preservatives categories: mainly used two - naphthol.
9. Hygroscopic agent categories: mainly used glycerin.
Textile pulp, starch, Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) and acrylic slurry three categories. Now at home and abroad is still mainly used these three categories slurry. Our existing loom about 100 million units, of which about 30% of non-woven fabrics. According to the information reported 2006 annual cloth 43.797 billion meters, the estimated production of cloth by the amount of the annual consumption of more than 300,000 tons slurry. Which starch (including modified starches) accounting for more than 70%, PVA amount of less than 20%, acrylic and other slurry of about 10%.

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