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Biological Degradation of Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA


Because PVA in all walks of life, especially in the textile and paper industries are widely used, resulting in a large number of wastewater containing PVA, causing worldwide environmental scientists and researchers in a wide range of ecological shut note. Indeed, PVA is difficult to be biodegradable, eco-environment will result in the accumulation, thus affecting the ecological balance. But as early as 1936, people have observed that when PVA in an artificial cultivation of the fungus Fusarium lini role, ultimately biodegradable, carbon dioxide and water _5 J. Needless to say, PVA is biodegradable, but due to the specificity of enzyme action, while the modern PVA is a synthetic polymer, can it work microbial species rarely need biochemists, microbial physiologist, joint efforts of chemists and application engineers to find natural or artificial cultivation of microbial species variation, breeding, cultivation and domestication of these strains, in order to meet the needs of large-scale biodegradable.
Scientists in recent years, developed countries have accelerated the pace of research, Italian scientists studied the PVA blown film biological tests under different environmental conditions and biodegradable, extracted from papermaking wastewater sludge microbial activity after training has been a High biodegradable Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA mixed bacterial cultures, domesticated microbial populations shows good for PVA degradation. Their experiments indicated that the mixed culture liquid, the presence of microbial components between each of symbiotic or synergistic effect of the strong mixed microbial mineralization was superior to a single species. South Korean scientists isolated from textile and dyeing and finishing plant in sewer sludge out of the degradation of PVA strains SB68 and SB69, by acclimation improves its degradation activity of 1.3 times to 1.7 times, individual strains SB69 and SB68 hybrid strains + SB69 have demonstrated a higher PVA degradation activity during the 46 days trial so that the original 0.01% concentration of PVA degradation of 75%, and the mineralization rate is almost independent of the degree of polymerization of PVA. Emo Chiellint and colleagues biodegradable PVA has a detailed review. So far only conclusion that can be drawn, PVA biodegradability greatly dependent on its environment, in a liquid environment, particularly domesticated flora containing a PVA-containing waste water or sludge environment, PVA Fiber shows a high degree of land degradation. However, in general soil and compost environments of PVA observed only moderate or negligible degradation. Has made a lot of different assumptions, explain common soil and compost environments observed phenomenon. For example, the lack of degradation of PVA as an ordinary environment of the microorganisms, the physical state of the sample PVA, PVA strong interaction with the organic and inorganic components, all of which limit the enzymatic attachment of PVA, PVA and thus it is generally considered difficult to degrade. On the other hand, in the ordinary soil and compost microbes priority offensive observed lower molecular weight PVA_6 J, which means that different mechanisms of long-chain degradation mechanism and PVA random cracking.

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