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PVA 2699 Powder Suppliers


Polyvinyl alcohol PVA2699 powder is made of liquid nitrogen as a medium and pulverized in a low temperature environment. It is a water-soluble environment-friendly high molecular polymer with good film forming properties, emulsifying properties and bonding properties. It forms a film with excellent adhesion, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and oxygen barrier properties. Since polyvinyl alcohol has both hydrophilic groups and hydrophobic groups, it has an interfacial activity. Therefore, polyvinyl alcohol can be used as a protective colloid for polymer emulsification and suspension polymerization.

Polyvinyl alcohol PVA2699 powder has the following characteristics when applied as a binder and a binder: 1 excellent adhesion; 2 combined with filler, will increase initial tack and drying speed; 3 excellent oil resistance, excellent Membrane strength; 4 effect lasting and stable.In the chemical industry, this product is used as a polymerization emulsifier, dispersant and polyvinyl formal, acetal, butyral resin. In agriculture, it is used in soil amendments, pesticide adhesion synergists, and polyvinyl alcohol films.

Our company- LIWEI CHEMICAL CO. LTD specializes in the production of polyvinyl alcohol series products, the quality of the products is guaranteed, and the types of products are also complete. If you need to purchase such products, I hope you can consider our company.

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