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History of PVA fiber


The earliest PVA fibers date back to 1924 when German Hermann and Haehnel hydroformed polyvinyl acetate to produce polyvinyl alcohol, which was then dried by dry spinning to obtain fibers. In the 1930s, Wacker in Germany produced the PVA fiber, named Synthofil, which was mainly used for surgical sutures. However, such fibers are easily swellable and are readily soluble in water. In 1938, Sakura Ichiro of Japan and Li Shengji of North Korea acetalized PVA fibers to solve the problem of water and heat resistance of the fibers.

The initial application of PVA fiber is similar to that of cotton. Its strength, wear resistance, light fastness and corrosion resistance are better than cotton, its specific gravity is lighter than cotton, and its moisture absorption rate is close to that of cotton. At that time, Japan, North Korea, China and other major development of PVA fiber is mainly for civilian use; although PVA fiber has a certain scale of application in other fields, solving the domestic clothing problem from the beginning is the driving force for the development of PVA fiber.

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