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Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder for Mortar Putty


For the application of mortar, 80-120 mesh fineness polyvinyl alcohol powder can be used, and in the putty field, a uniform powder of 120 mesh or more must be selected. 2488 viscosity is higher, but the price is relatively expensive, generally the 1788 model can fully meet the needs.

Polyvinyl alcohol PVA is made from vinyl acetate by alcoholysis reaction and polymerization. It is a white, powdery, stable and non-toxic water-soluble polymer. It can be quickly dissolved in normal temperature water to form a stable colloid. Water is a good solvent for polyvinyl alcohol. Polyvinyl alcohol has good film forming properties, and the formed film has excellent adhesion, solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and oxygen barrier properties. Polyvinyl alcohol has both hydrophilic groups and hydrophobic groups, and therefore is an interfacially active substance. Therefore, polyvinyl alcohol can be used as a protective colloid in polymer emulsification and suspension polymerization.

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