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Polyvinyl Alcohol 1788 and 1799


The degree of alcoholysis is usually three, that is, 78%, 88%, and 98%. The degree of alcoholysis of fully alcoholized polyvinyl alcohol is 98% to 100%, and the degree of alcoholysis of partial alcoholysis is usually 87% to 89%.PVA 1788 means a degree of polymerization of 1700 and a degree of alcoholysis of 88%, and PVA 1799 means a degree of polymerization of 1700 and a degree of alcoholysis of 99%.

1788 polymer is particularly suitable for use as a building mortar additive. It can be used in combination with methyl cellulose ether water retention agent to improve the flexibility, water retention and mortar adhesion of cement mortar. In addition, the friction of the mortar can be reduced, thereby enhancing work efficiency and quality. 1788 is a fine granular polymer, easy to disperse in cold water, can be quickly dispersed in water, and its aqueous solution has good viscosity stability, which can improve many characteristics of cement mortar. 1788 also has capillary function and adsorption.

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