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PVA 173 Uses & Properties


PVA typically stands for Polyvinyl Alcohol, which is a synthetic polymer. It's often used in various applications due to its adhesive, film-forming, and emulsifying properties. Here's a breakdown of the information you provided:

1. Brand: PVA 173 is a product produced by the company Kuraray.

2. Purity: The product has a purity of 98%, which likely refers to the purity of the polyvinyl alcohol compound used in it. This high purity level indicates a relatively low presence of impurities.

3. Applications:
- Cosmetics: Polyvinyl Alcohol is sometimes used in cosmetics as a film-forming agent. It can create a thin layer on the skin or hair, which might have benefits like providing a smooth texture or holding ingredients together.

- Thickener: PVA can act as a thickener in various formulations, helping to increase the viscosity of liquids. This is useful in products like lotions, creams, and gels.

- Emulsion Stabilizer: Emulsions are mixtures of liquids that normally don't mix, like oil and water. PVA can help stabilize these emulsions, preventing them from separating over time.

- Adhesives: PVA is widely used as an adhesive due to its ability to form strong bonds when it dries. It's often used in woodworking, paper crafts, and other applications where a reliable adhesive is needed.

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