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PVOH 22-88: Adhesives & Sealants


Kuraray Poval 22-88 is a type of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) that falls under the category of industrial adhesives and sealants. Polyvinyl alcohol is a synthetic polymer derived from vinyl acetate monomers through a process of polymerization and hydrolysis. It has a wide range of applications due to its unique properties, including excellent film-forming capabilities, high tensile strength, and water solubility.

Kuraray Poval 22-88 is specifically designed for adhesive and sealant applications. It is often used as a binder or film-forming agent in various industrial sectors, including packaging, textiles, paper, construction, and more. The specific properties of Kuraray Poval 22-88 make it suitable for use in adhesives and sealants that require good bonding strength, flexibility, and resistance to environmental factors.

Some of the common characteristics and applications of Kuraray Poval 22-88 in the realm of industrial adhesives and sealants might include:

1. Adhesives: Kuraray Poval 22-88 can be used as a component in adhesives to provide bonding strength for various substrates. It might be used in formulations for wood adhesives, paper adhesives, or general-purpose adhesives where water resistance and adhesion are crucial.

2. Sealants: The properties of Kuraray Poval 22-88, such as film-forming ability and flexibility, can make it suitable for sealant formulations. It might be used in applications where a flexible and water-resistant seal is required, such as in construction joints or packaging seals.

3. Construction: This PVOH can be used in construction applications, such as tile adhesives or cement-based formulations, to improve adhesion and provide certain water-resistant properties.

4. Textiles: Kuraray Poval 22-88 might be used in textile applications to provide sizing solutions for improving the handling of fabrics during processing.

5. Paper Industry: In the paper industry, it might be used in coatings to improve the surface properties of paper, such as printability and ink adhesion.

6. Packaging: PVOH-based adhesives and sealants are sometimes used in packaging applications where water resistance is important, such as in carton sealing.

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