Water soluble PVA cutting fiber

Water soluble PVA cutting fiber


Water soluble PVA cutting fiber is a kind of PVA fiber made from polyvinyl alcohol through wet spinning, heat treatment and crimping-oiling in water at normal temperature. It is good in dry heat stability, physical and mechanical properties. The remarkable characteristic is its total dissolving in water at a range of temperature. This kind of PVA fiber is mainly used in Textile industry for making the yarn and cotton.



The major specifications are2.2dtex×4mm, 1.56dtex×35mm ,1.44dtex x 44mm, 1.56dtex x 38mm, 1.56dtex x 4mm and 2.0dtex x 38mm. Water soluble PVA cutting fiber with line density of 1.11-8.89detex and length 4-70mm can be made as customer’s request. The temperature for its use is 20-30 degree, and the relative humidity is 60-70%.


Technical Index:




Density deviation rate  



Length deviation rate  



Soluble temperature



Dry breaking tenacity  



Crimp number



Dry breking elongation   



Non-solubles in water



Mirabilite contents





Application and Uses

Water soluble PVA cutting fiber

Water soluble PVA cutting fiber has many special uses for its water solubility. It is widely used in non-woven fabric, papermaking, spinning and weaving, medical treatment and health care, etc. Especially, woven or non-woven fabrics made from water soluble PVA fibers are used as embroidery linings, on which various lace designs can be embroidered, and after it is dissolved, all kinds of beautiful laces come into being. Besides, it can extensively be used to produce sanitary sheets for women, baby napkins, medical and sanitary articles. In addition, it can also be used for vegetable seedings, planting crops and fruit trees to improve the output. This fiber can be used in textile to increase yarn count, level sizing and spin twistless yarn, etc.



Packed in 165 woven P. P. Bag, 9.075MT / 20’FCL without pallets.