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PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol 088-60(PVA 2688)



Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 088-60



PVA 088-60

Hydrolysis (mol%)


Volatiles (%) ≤


Viscosity (mpa.s)


Ash (wt%) ≤


PH Value



Packing & Storage

Packing Our polyvinyl alcohol products are packed in craft paper bag. Net weight 12.5kgs or 20kgs if floccule, Net weight 25kgs /20kgs if powder or Granule.
Storage Powder 20°C 2 years; Floccule 20°C 2 years.
Shipping Room temperature 5-30℃ in China; may vary elsewhere
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Analysis of Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 088-60

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) is a synthetic polymer that is water-soluble, biodegradable, and non-toxic. It is derived from the polymerization of vinyl acetate, followed by hydrolysis to remove the acetate groups. PVA is commonly used in a wide range of applications due to its unique properties.

PVA 088-60 is a specific grade of PVA with a moderate molecular weight and degree of hydrolysis. Here is an analysis of some key characteristics and applications of PVA 088-60:

1. Water Solubility: PVA 088-60 is highly water-soluble, which means it readily dissolves in water. This property makes it useful in various applications where water-based solutions or coatings are required.

2. Film-Forming Ability: PVA 088-60 has excellent film-forming properties, allowing it to create thin, transparent films when dissolved in water. These films have good tensile strength and flexibility, making them suitable for applications such as coatings, adhesives, and packaging materials.

3. Adhesive Properties: PVA 088-60 is commonly used as a binder or adhesive in various industries. Its ability to form strong bonds on porous surfaces, such as paper and wood, makes it ideal for applications like paper laminating, bookbinding, and woodworking.

4. Chemical Resistance: PVA 088-60 exhibits good resistance to oils, greases, and organic solvents. However, it is not resistant to strong acids and alkalis. Therefore, it is important to consider the chemical environment when choosing PVA 088-60 for a specific application.

5. Biodegradability: PVA 088-60 is biodegradable under certain conditions. It can be broken down by microorganisms in soil and water, making it an environmentally friendly choice for applications where biodegradability is desired.

6. Application Areas: PVA 088-60 finds extensive use in various industries, including adhesives, textiles, paper and packaging, construction, and pharmaceuticals. Its water solubility, film-forming ability, and adhesive properties make it versatile for a wide range of applications.

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