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PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol 098-05(PVA 0599)



Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 098-05



PVA 098-05

Hydrolysis (mol%)


Volatiles (%) ≤


Viscosity (mpa.s)


Ash (wt%) ≤


PH Value



Packing & Storage

Packing Our polyvinyl alcohol products are packed in craft paper bag. Net weight 12.5kgs or 20kgs if floccule, Net weight 25kgs /20kgs if powder or Granule.
Storage Powder 20°C 2 years; Floccule 20°C 2 years.
Shipping Room temperature 5-30℃ in China; may vary elsewhere
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Frequently Asked Questions

Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) 098-05

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) 098-05 is a water-soluble synthetic polymer that finds numerous applications due to its unique properties. Here are some common applications of PVA 098-05:

1. Adhesive and Binding Agent: PVA 098-05 is commonly used as an adhesive in various industries. It forms a strong bond when dry and is often used for bonding porous surfaces such as paper, fabric, and wood. It is widely used in the production of paper and paperboard products.

2. Packaging Films: PVA 098-05 can be cast into thin films that possess excellent moisture barrier properties. These films are used for packaging products that require protection from moisture, such as food items, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

3. Textile Industry: PVA 098-05 is used in the textile industry as a sizing agent and warp yarn coating. It provides temporary stiffness to the fabric during weaving, enhancing its handle and reducing yarn breakage. PVA 098-05 can easily be removed from the fabric by washing.

4. Emulsion Polymerization: PVA 098-05 is used as a protective colloid in emulsion polymerization processes. It stabilizes the polymer particles during synthesis, preventing them from agglomerating and aiding in the formation of a stable emulsion.

5. Paper Coating: PVA 098-05 is used in the coating of paper to improve its printability, smoothness, and brightness. It forms a thin, transparent film on the paper surface, enhancing its surface properties and print quality.

6. Controlled Release Systems: PVA 098-05 is used in the development of controlled release systems for various applications, including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products. It can be formulated into films, hydrogels, or microspheres to encapsulate and release active ingredients over time.

7. Biomedical Applications: PVA 098-05 is used in the biomedical field for various applications, such as drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, and wound dressings. Its biocompatibility, water solubility, and ability to form hydrogels make it suitable for these applications.

8. Coatings and Paints: PVA 098-05 is used in the formulation of coatings and paints to improve their flow properties, adhesion, and film formation. It can also act as a binder in ceramic coatings and water-based paints.

9. Mold Release Agent: PVA 098-05 is often used as a mold release agent in the production of various molded products. It forms a thin film between the mold and the molded object, preventing adhesion and facilitating easy release.

10. Personal Care Products: PVA 098-05 is used in the formulation of personal care products such as hair sprays, hair gels, and lotions. It provides good hold, viscosity, and film-forming properties, enhancing the performance of these products.

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