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PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol 098-08(PVA 1099)


Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 098-08
PVA , categorized as a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), is produced through an alcoholysis reaction and subsequent polymerization of vinyl acetate. This material manifests as a white, powdery substance, characterized by stability and non-toxicity, and it exhibits remarkable water solubility. When introduced to water at room temperature, it readily dissolves to create a stable colloid.

Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 098-03



PVA 098-08

Hydrolysis (mol%)


Volatiles (%) ≤


Viscosity (mpa.s)


Ash (wt%) ≤


PH Value



Packing & Storage

Packing Our polyvinyl alcohol products are packed in craft paper bag. Net weight 12.5kgs or 20kgs if floccule, Net weight 25kgs /20kgs if powder or Granule.
Storage Powder 20°C 2 years; Floccule 20°C 2 years.
Shipping Room temperature 5-30℃ in China; may vary elsewhere
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Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) 098-08 Applications

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) 098-08 is a specific grade of polyvinyl alcohol, which is a water-soluble polymer. PVA 098-08 is commonly used in various applications due to its unique properties. Here are some of the common applications of PVA 098-08:

1. Adhesives: PVA 098-08 is often used as a binder in adhesives. It forms a strong bond when dried and is widely used in applications such as woodworking, paper and packaging, and general-purpose adhesives.

2. Textile Sizing: PVA 098-08 can be used as a sizing agent in the textile industry. It provides temporary stiffness to the fibers during weaving or knitting, improving their handling and preventing yarn breakage.

3. Paper Coating: PVA 098-08 is used as a coating agent for paper to enhance its surface properties. It improves the smoothness, gloss, and printability of the paper.

4. Emulsion Polymerization: PVA 098-08 can be employed as a protective colloid or stabilizer in emulsion polymerization processes. It helps in controlling the particle size and stability of the polymer emulsion.

5. Packaging Films: PVA 098-08 is used in the production of water-soluble packaging films. These films are commonly used for single-dose packaging of various products such as detergents, agrochemicals, and personal care items. The films dissolve in water, providing convenience and reducing waste.

6. Mold Release Agent: PVA 098-08 can be used as a mold release agent in various molding processes, including fiberglass, rubber, and plastic molding. It forms a thin, water-soluble film between the mold and the molded part, facilitating easy release without causing damage.

7. Coatings and Paints: PVA 098-08 is utilized as a thickener, stabilizer, or film-forming agent in coatings and paints. It improves the viscosity, adhesion, and durability of the coatings.

8. Biomedical Applications: PVA 098-08 has been explored for various biomedical applications such as drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, and wound dressings. Its biocompatibility and water solubility make it suitable for these applications.

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