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Water-Soluble PVA Fiber & Film


Water soluble PVA fiber is a kind of vinylon differential fiber. Japan is the first country to develop water soluble fiber, 60’s of last centry was put into industrial production, in 90’s Japan Kuraray company used “solvent wet cooling gel spinning method” for the water soluble temperature range for 5 to 90℃ K-II SS of water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol fiber. Shanghai petrochemical vinylon factory in 1996 successfully developed 70℃ water soluble vinylon and has started mass production, the water soluble fiber is below the melting temperature stable performance, it has good force of the whiteness and antistatic property.
Water soluble PVA fibers can be made of the conventional wet spinning method, organic solvent wet spinning, dry wet spinning, dry spinning and semi melting method spinning process to produce. At present, the Water soluble PVA fiber is widely used in papermaking, nonwoven fabric development, disposable products production and other fields, such as radioactive dust protective clothing, surgery clothing and so on. Water soluble PVA fiber can also be used for traditional textile field.

  1. Environmental performance: water-soluble PVA film belongs to green environmental protection high- fidelity printing packing materials. Water-soluble PVA film is mainly made of polyvinyl alcohol and starch, all of its components are C, H, O compounds, it is non-toxic and harmless. In the membrane process, the physical reactions occur only between the components, its mechanical properties, process performance improvement of a certain water-soluble, but it does not react pins, so its chemical properties does not change.
  2. Water- solubility: the water-solubility of the water-soluble PVA has related to its thickness and ambient temperature. High temperature water soluble PVA film was completely insoluble at 40 ℃, and is completely dissolved above 80℃.
  3. Moisture content: the moisture content of the water-soluble PVA film may change with the environment, so a water-soluble PVA film into a roll with PE film packaging generally, in order to maintain their specific moisture content.
  4. Antistatic property: and other plastic films of different government policies and regulation, water-soluble PVA film is an antistatic film . Therefore, in the process of using water-soluble PVA film is not attached due to static electricity dust and other problems.
  5. Barrier property: water soluble PVA membrane permeability of water and ammonia has strong, but the oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide are with good barrier property. The features can ensure them with material compositions and smell stays the same.
  6. Mechanical properties and heat sealing performance:the mechanical properties of the water-soluble PVA film better, with good tensile strength and tear strength, excellent heat-sealing performance is also screening for the resistive heat sealing, high-frequency heat sealing.
  7. Printing performance: water-soluble PVA film may be used for printing an ordinary method, it has good printing performance, and graphic clarity.

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