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Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber Development Overview


Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber use Polyvinyl Alcohol as the raw material of textile fibers.
Polyvinyl Alcohol ( Polyvinyl Alcohol abbreviation: PVA) was synthesized and spun into fibers by German chemist Herrmann and Haehee in 1924.
Because of its water solubility, Polyvinyl Alcohol fiber can not be used for clothing.
Japanese chemist Ichiro Sakurada and Korea chemist Lee Seung Gi do a heat treatment and reduction of formaldehyde on Polyvinyl Alcohol fibers, and get the good heat water property Polyvinyl Formal Fiber in 1939.
1950 in Japan, Polyvinyl Formal Fiber achieved industrial production, the tradename of Polyvinyl Alcohol is Vinylon. In Chinese it is also called Vinylon or Polyvinyl Alcohol.
In August 1963, China introduced from Japan Kuraray PVC sets of annual output of 10000 tons of productsion equipment and construction in Beijing Shunyi. And in 1965, it has been put into production.
Between 1963 and 1983, China has builty 14 Vinylon factory, the annual production capacity of Polyvinyl Alcohol is of 165000 tons. But because of Vinyl taking poor yields had dropped after 1981.
And the production of Polyvinyl Alcohol has been gradually stabilizing after 2000.
In 2003, the totol production of Vinylon was 32600. And until today, there is still a great demand for Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber.

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