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The Different Applications of Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 2488 and 1788


Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA Powder 2488:

Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA Powder 2488 is particularly suitable for building mortar additive, can improve the cement mortar flexibility, water holding capacity, improve the mortar adhesive. In addition, PVA 2488 can reduce mortar friction, thereby enhancing the working efficiency and quality, to precent cracking, plastering layer off, increase the adhesive strength and smoothness. PVA is easy to disperse in cold water, can quickly dispersed in water, the viscosity stability in aqueous solution, which can improve the performance of cement mortar.
Polyvinyl Alcohl PVA Powder 1788:
1. The bonding glue and adhesives: PVA 1788 has good adhesion, when it combined with clay to make the initial adhesion of increased and faster drying. And PVA 1788 has good oil resistance and film strength, and the quality of PVA 1788 will not change for long. Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 1788 can be used in office paste, wet paste, paper tubes, paper bags, cardboard boxes, glued cardboard and gluing of wood, non-woven fabric and so on. And also can be used for building materials, ferrite, ceramics, pottery, fluorescent body ( color TV picture tube ), the ink, the exuberance of pigment adhesives, coatings, such as plastic, concrete, reinforced concrete mixture.
2. Fiber slurry: PVA 1788 has good film-forming properties, soft and resilient tensile strength and elastic characteristics. And it also rich in abrasion resistance, implicated, smoothness, feathers good effect. PVA 1788 can be compared with the starch slurry, do not worry about spoilage, moldy conditions rarely occur.
3. Paper industry: PVA 1788 can be used for surface coating and polishing, the ester can significantly improve corrosion resistance, water resistance and resistance to solvents, and may have higher fabric strength. Adhesive may also be used in the coating system, the optical carrier as a polishing agent.
4. Polymerization agent: PVA 1788 can be used as an effective dispersant or stabilizer. They are mainly used as a protective colloid, and may enhance the emulsification in the case of a very low concentration.
5.Polyvinyl Alcohol may play a role in many other industrial applications, such as a ceramic, water-soluble film, the non-adhesive release coating and temporary fabric. These products can also be used for a variety of building materials, such as putty and plaster.

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