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Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA Fiber Used As Textile Raw Materials


Dissolve Polyvinyl Alcohol in water, through a synthetic fiber by dry spinning or wet spinning. Polyvinyl Alcohol Fibers treated with formaldehyde Polyvinyl Formal Fibers, commonly known as Vinylon.
PVA quite similar nature and cotton, synthetic cotton said. Strength and wear resistance than cotton. It is blended with cotton (1: 1) Fabric 0.5-1 times higher than the cotton fabric durability. Preferably hygroscopic, moisture regain in the standard state of 4.5 to 5%; specific gravity (1.26 to 1.30) is smaller than cotton, low thermal conductivity, good thermal resistance; corrosion resistance and good resistance to sunlight, in general organic acids, alcohols, esters and petroleum solvents insoluble; difficult to mold decay, long-term placement in the sea, buried underground or prolonged exposure is not large loss of strength in the sunlight. The main disadvantage is the poor heat-PVA water, when there is significant deformation in the wet state and shrinkage of 110 to 115 ℃, boiled in water for 3 to 4 hours, significant deformation of the fabric and partially dissolved; poor flexibility in the process of taking Easy crease; poor dyeing, color is not bright; low mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, limiting its application in automobile tire cord area.
For a lot of PVA Fiber and cotton blended with viscose fiber or blended with other fibers or pure spin, making coats, cotton sweaters pants, sports Shandeng jersey. Villeneuve made with canvas and cables due to high strength, light weight, abrasion resistance, sunlight, have a broader purpose; PVA also its impact strength and good corrosion resistance to sea water, suitable for making all types of fishing nets, as PVA for better stability of the various chemicals used to making clothes or as a variety of packaging materials and filter material.
polyvinyl alcohol can be prepared from the polymerization of vinyl alcohol, vinyl alcohol-free state because not alone, generally based on the polymerization of Vinyl Acetate Monomer, polyvinyl acetate and then be generated and prepared solution of Polyvinyl Alcohol. Villeneuve spun basic process is: prepare a spinning solution, spinning and post-processing. Wet spinning process as shown above Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA Short Fiber production flow chart shown below.

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