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Application of Polyvinyl Alcohol in New Dosage Forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine


As a pharmaceutical excipient, polyvinyl alcohol PVA has the advantages of easy solubility in water, good film formation, strong adhesion, high thermal stability, low toxicity and no irritation. In the research of modern preparations of traditional Chinese medicine, PVA, as a film-forming material for coating agents and filming agents, has excellent film-forming properties and good toughness of the film, and has broad application prospects in coating agents and filming agents.

PVA can not only carry drugs, but also improve the use and process performance of the preparation. It is an excellent drug carrier. At present, the application of PVA in traditional Chinese medicine preparations is mainly concentrated on external dosage forms. With the deepening of research, PVA will be broadened. Application range in modern Chinese medicine dosage forms.

In the PVA industry, our company- LIWEI CHEMICAL CO. LTD is the largest domestic producer. Our company's website has information on the pva series of products and hopes to meet your needs.

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