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Historical Development of Water-soluble Polyvinyl Alcohol Fibers


The water-soluble pva fiber is a functionally differentiated fiber. It not only has ideal water-soluble temperature, strength and elongation, but also has good acid, alkali and dry heat resistance. It is odorless and non-toxic after being dissolved in water, and the aqueous solution is colorless and transparent. It can be naturally decomposed in a short period of time and does not cause any pollution to the environment. It is an excellent green product.

As early as the 1930s,the polyvinyl alcohol fiber that was originally developed was made into a medical surgical yarn and surgical suture in Germany by utilizing its characteristics of being soluble in water.In the Second World War, the United States used polyvinyl alcohol fibers to make parachutes for laying mines. In the late 1950s, Japan's water-soluble fiber production accounted for 20% of the total production of polyvinyl alcohol fiber. In the past 20 years, Japan's development and application in this field is leading the world. In 1996, Kuraray obtained water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol fibers produced in a completely non-aqueous, non-polluting process for the first time.

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