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Characteristics of Water-soluble PVA Fiber


Water-soluble PVA fiber is a fiber that dissolves in water or slowly hydrolyzes into water-soluble molecules in water, and is a valuable functionally differentiated fiber. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the application of non-toxic, non-polluting and hydrolyzable environmentally-friendly water-soluble fibers has gradually gained popularity. The research and development of such fibers has been continuously deepened, and the application of water-soluble PVA fibers is very extensive.

Water soluble PVA fibers are typically dissolved at some stage during processing and use to achieve an effect. Therefore, it should have the following characteristics: it can be fully dissolved in water at normal temperature; it does not stick in air with moderate humidity, and has good stability; its physical and mechanical properties are not high, but generally have certain strength and elongation.

We are a factory specializing in the production and supply of polyvinyl alcohol PVA series products , are a prominent manufacturer, supplier, exporter of water soluble pva cutting fiber located in China. These products are widely used in paper, agriculture, medical, textile and other industries. We look forward to working with you if you need it.


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