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Development of PVA fiber


Since the 1970s, polyvinyl alcohol fiber has gradually shifted from taking to industrial, fishery, medicine, construction and other fields. Differentiation, functionalization and high performance have become the development trend of PVA fiber.

With the continuous expansion of technology research and development and product application in the field of PVA fiber production enterprises at home and abroad, PVA fiber has gradually opened a new breakthrough in the industrial field. After technological modification and new technology, it has successfully produced flame retardant, high strength and high modulus. A series of related products such as water solubility.

Our company-LIWEI CHEMICAL CO. LTD is a chemical enterprise specializing in the production of polyvinyl alcohol. The quality of our products meets the industry standards, and we have won the trust of domestic and foreign customers with our serious service attitude. If you have a demand for our products, please contact us. This is our contact method:
Tel: 0086-025-52397803
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E-mail: info@china-pva.net

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