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What is Water Soluble Fiber


China's research on water-soluble fiber began in 1979. Although it started late, it has received more and more attention from all aspects, especially in recent years, especially in the textile, linen, embroidery and other industries. We should continue to strengthen the research on the production of water-soluble fibers. For water-soluble fibers, we need to strengthen, improve and further expand in terms of variety, quality and application.

Water-soluble fiber has great market potential. To this end, through the transformation and upgrading of equipment and continuous adjustment and optimization of the process, we will develop water-soluble fibers that meet market needs and performance, and gradually catch up with the development of foreign water-soluble fibers.

Our company-LIWEI CHEMICAL CO. LTD is a professional manufacturer of polyvinyl alcohol and PVA fiber. Our main products are polyvinyl alcohol, PVA fiber and vinyl acetate, calcium carbide. If you need it, please contact us.

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