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Application of Water Soluble Fiber in Textile Industry


The water-soluble fiber is blended with other fibers as an intermediate fiber, and the water-soluble fiber is dissolved after the textile processing to obtain a high-grade high-grade textile. In April 1997, the International Wool Secretariat (IWS) and the Japanese Kuraray Co., Ltd. jointly developed the wool/polyvinyl alcohol wool manufacturing technology to the world wool industry by utilizing the excellent performance of the new water-soluble PVA fiber K-II at room temperature.

It is made by blending wool with water-soluble PVA fiber with a low count, after spinning and weaving into a grey fabric. In the post-finishing process, the PVA fiber is removed, thereby producing a high-strength, thin and high-grade pure wool fabric, and creating a new era of low-cost high-quality pure wool fabric. China has also used domestic water-soluble PVA fiber to produce a batch of high-grade hemp fabrics and high-strength light and pure wool fabrics.

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