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Pharmaceutical Grade Polyvinyl Alcohol


Pharmaceutical grade polyvinyl alcohol, unlike chemical grade polyvinyl alcohol, is an extremely safe polymer organic substance, non-toxic to humans, has no side effects, and has good biocompatibility, especially in medical applications such as its aqueous gel. It is widely used in ophthalmology, wound dressings and artificial joints, and is also used in pvoh film  in medical films, artificial kidney films and the like. Its safety can be seen from the use of wound skin repair, and eye drops products. Some of these models are also commonly used in cosmetic masks, facial cleansers, lotions and lotions, and are a commonly used safe film former.

On May 30, 2019, a new international study found that polyvinyl alcohol contained in ordinary glue can be used as a culture medium for hematopoietic stem cells. On this basis, it is expected to significantly reduce the cost of hematopoietic stem cell culture and help treat diseases such as leukemia.

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