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PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol 098-03(PVA 0399)



Polyvinyl Alcohol PVA 098-03



PVA 098-03

Hydrolysis (mol%)


Volatiles (%) ≤


Viscosity (mpa.s)


Ash (wt%) ≤


PH Value



Packing & Storage

Packing Our polyvinyl alcohol products are packed in craft paper bag. Net weight 12.5kgs or 20kgs if floccule, Net weight 25kgs /20kgs if powder or Granule.
Storage Powder 20°C 2 years; Floccule 20°C 2 years.
Shipping Room temperature 5-30℃ in China; may vary elsewhere
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PVA 098-03 Applications

PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) 098-03 is a type of water-soluble polymer that has a variety of applications in different industries. Here are some common applications of PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol 098-03:

1. Adhesives: PVA 098-03 is widely used as a key ingredient in the formulation of various adhesives. It provides excellent bonding properties and is particularly suitable for bonding porous materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, and textiles.

2. Textile industry: PVA 098-03 is used in textile sizing, where it acts as a temporary adhesive to strengthen the yarns during weaving. It forms a thin film on the surface of the fibers, providing better handling, abrasion resistance, and improved weaving efficiency.

3. Paper coatings: PVA 098-03 is employed in the production of coated papers. It is used as a binder in the coating formulation, enhancing the paper's surface properties, such as smoothness, printability, and ink absorption.

4. Construction materials: PVA 098-03 is used in the construction industry as a component in cement-based products. It improves the workability of mortar and concrete mixes, reduces cracking, and enhances the overall strength and durability of the finished product.

5. Packaging films: PVA 098-03 can be utilized in the production of water-soluble packaging films. These films are commonly used for single-dose packaging of detergents, cleaning agents, agrochemicals, and other products where convenient and eco-friendly packaging is desired.

6. Emulsion polymerization: PVA 098-03 can be used as a stabilizer and protective colloid in emulsion polymerization processes. It helps to control the particle size and stabilize the polymer emulsion, leading to improved product quality.

7. Mold release agent: PVA 098-03 can act as a mold release agent in various manufacturing processes. It forms a thin, non-sticky film on the surface of molds, preventing adhesion and facilitating the release of molded products.

8. Personal care products: PVA 098-03 is used in the formulation of personal care products like hair sprays, gels, and mousses. It provides excellent holding properties, water solubility, and film-forming capabilities, which are desirable in these applications.

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